What Style of Yoga Is Best for You

What Style of Yoga Is Best for You : There is no question that Yoga offers tremendous mental, physical, and spiritual benefits to its practitioners; but with so many styles and choices where is one to begin? Have a look at this simple chart to hopefully lead you in the right direction.

What Style of Yoga Is Best for You Notes : 
  • Ashtanga refers to a set series of poses connected to breath.
  • Bikram involves 26 poses performed in a hot room.
  • Hatha is classic Yoga performed at a moderate pace.
  • Iyengar is a practice that focuses on alignment via props.
  • Restorative and Yin is more of a slow paced yoga aimed at calming the nervous system and releasing muscles and connective tissues.
  • Vinyasa is about flowing sequences with emphasis on breath; sometimes set to music.

For more in depth information on each of these styles, click here : Best Yoga Styles for You

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