Restore Nervous System with Herbal Medicine

Restore Nervous System with Herbal Medicine: In this video from the School of Evolutionary Herbalism we discover how the modern fast-paced world often taxes our nervous system due to associated long term stress, lack of sleep, overuse of stimulants, food intolerance, and overall poor daily habits.

Rather than reach for the more commonly used adaptogenic herbs, working with nervine trophorestoratives is oftentimes a better option for many people- as the nervous system tends to get burned out long before the adrenals do!

Restore Nervous System with Herbal Medicine Notes:

In this video you will learn the importance of the often overlooked category of herbal medicines called nervine trophorestoratives, along with 7 herbs that I have commonly used to help replenish, restore, and strengthen the nerves.

The formula mentioned in the video is as follows:

Avena sativa (Milky Oats seed) 20%
Scutellaria lateriflora (Skullcap) 20%
Hypericum perforatum (St. John’s Wort) 20%
Lavandula angustifolia (Lavender) 10%
Ocimum sanctum (Holy Basil/Tulsi) 10%
Melissa officinalis (Lemon Balm) 10%
Turnera diffusa (Damiana) 10%

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