Prescription Drug Abuse Withdrawal Symptoms

Prescription Drug Abuse Withdrawal Symptoms : Prescription medications are any drug regulated by law to require a doctor’s prescription before it can be obtained. The danger with prescription drugs is that many people believe that if a substance is legally prescribed by a physician, they can’t become addicted and the medication won’t cause serious harm. Acadiana Addiction Center

However, when someone uses medication in a way not intended by a doctor or they do not have a valid prescription for the medication, this is considered prescription drug abuse. Prescription addiction can come about in a variety of different ways. Some individuals use to achieve pleasurable sensations, while others may have been taking a medication for legitimate conditions and no longer believe that they can function without it, even though it is no longer needed. Acadiana Addiction Center

With all that said, above you will find a simple, yet informative infographic that features some of the more common withdrawal symptoms associated with prescription drug abuse.

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