Medicine Buddha Mandala for Healing

Medicine Buddha Mandala for Healing : The Medicine Buddha is believed to be the Buddha of Healing; the true manifestation of the healing energy of all enlightened beings. He wears monastic robes and sits on a lion throne. The color of his body is dark blue and he holds a bowl in his left hand having a medicinal plant called arura. He holds a stem of the arura plant in his right hand.

The Medicine Buddha is the supreme physician and is probably founded upon the legend of a metaphysical Bodhisattva, the Medicine King Bheshajaraja who is mentioned as a dispenser of spiritual medicine.

Medicine Buddha Mandala for Healing Notes :

This Mandala, constructed here from colored sand particles, represents the residence of Medicine Buddhas. Just to glimpse this Mandala creates a positive impression on the mind stream of the observer, who for a moment is in touch with the timeless ideal of all-encompassing compassion.

The Medicine Buddha is revered in the Mahayana (especially Tibetan) Buddhist tradition.


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